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Set Fares For All Journeys

Not available when picked up at edinburgh airport transfers booking office

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Set Fares For All Journeys

Travel the All the fives way and get a discounted set fare for every journey.

How It Works

You get a set fare before you get in your car. Prices with allthefives tariff will vary based on the time of day and will be quoted at the time of booking.

How To Get It

Call us and ask for a set fare or you can download our app and get a set fare every journey.


–          Only applies to fares paid by cash or card

–          Christmas and new year

–          Pick-ups from Edinburgh Airport

–          Wait and return journeys

–          No other discount applies

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Whether you are flying to Edinburgh on holiday or on a business trip, it’s really easy to save money when you travel the ECPH way.

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