Business Accounts

Corporate Transport Needs

At All The Fives we understand the importance of delivering services tailored to the needs of the business community. That’s why we offer you a package of specialist services to cater for your corporate transport needs.

All The Fives have more than 800 account customers, giving us the largest accounts portfolio of any private hire company in Edinburgh. Our name is trusted by many of the world’s leading brands including Diageo, Tesco bank, KPGM, Hilton Hotels, Point Hotels, Netrwork Rail and National Express. We also serve a number of UK and international airlines among our many corporate clients.

By setting up an account with us you get:

  • Private hire and taxi service for your clients and staff
  • Weekly or monthly invoices
  • Priority service
  • Pre-priced fares on all journeys
  • Full control of costs and journeys
  • Seamless “airport to door” service for your guests and/or clients
  • Choice, convenience and flexibility

Interested in setting up an account with us? Contact us by phone or email